Vein Clinic Marketing: How to eliminate no-shows!

One of your best advertising tools is a satisfied patient.

One of the basic principles of your practice is the importance of the physician-patient relationship. Do you know your patients well? Do you usually ask about their life outside of their appointment in your office? Or their families? Do they know anything about you? Or your life outside of the office?

A fundamental building block of your practice is that relationship; and that is precisely what brings your patients back, time and time again!

Keep these two important points in mind as we move forward in our discussion:

  • Patients are often vulnerable, weak, or scared when they enter your office.

  • Their doctor’s office should be a place of trust, security, confidentiality and respect.

Here are several thoughts to help you retain patients and avoid those costly and disruptive no-shows; because happy patients will not only return to you for services, but they will recommend you to their friends, coworkers and families.

  • Make certain that your office is a place where your patients feel welcome and safe. A pleasant environment, friendly welcoming staff, up to date magazines and comforting music are a few ways to let your patients know you care.
  • Promote the benefits of your services, not the features of your equipment. Make sure the patient is not focused on your state of the art equipment or latest technology, but that they focus on how your newest tool will make them feel better or improve their quality of life; after all, that is why they walked in your door.
  • When your patients feel like they don’t have a personal relationship to you or your staff, they have no problem canceling appointments at the last minute or never showing up for the first one. Focus a little time, effort, and perhaps money on developing those relationships.
  • Prior to their appointment, have someone in the office call and remind them about their appointment and make them feel like you want them to come in to the office.  If they miss their appointment have someone call and reschedule for another time. Remember however; this isn’t a principal’s office and they aren’t a bad student. Don’t chastise them; simply let them know you are looking forward to having them come in to the office…
  • Finally, it all goes back to making patients feel like they are welcome and wanted. If your patients visit your office regularly you and your staff need to get to know them and they need to get to know you.  It’s all about the relationship.

These ideas may not work with all of your patients, but I’ll bet they work most of the time. You will be surprised how these little changes can make a big difference in your office, and in your patient referrals!


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