How To Become The “Chief Patient Satisfaction Officer” For Your Medical Practice

Create An “Emotional Bank Account” With Your Patients As a physician, have you ever had an opportunity to ease the concerns of a dissatisfied or unhappy patient? I use the term “opportunity” because these occurrences DO in fact offer you an opportunity. You have the opportunity to turn an unhappy patient into a disciple for […]

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Vein Clinic Marketing: Are you too busy to plan for Success?

Successfully growing your vein practice takes planning! Schedule time to develop a vein specific marketing plan Create a time each week to review your results Schedule a regular time to make adjustments to your vein marketing plan What is a vein marketing plan? A vein marketing plan is a strategy that is designed to facilitate […]

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Healthcare Marketing: Referring Physicians = More patients!

Marketing to referring physicians is a terrific way to bring more patients in to your clinic! Suggested Specialties to Target Include: • Family Practice • Internal Medicine • OB/GYN • Podiatrists • Dermatologists •Wound Care Centers Marketing to referring physicians is effective in increasing patient flow, enhancing your reputation and image as the local expert, […]

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